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Scientists have got undergone a continuous process to discover the cure to get cancer. Steve R. Masters discusses the high and low parts of the major discovery of HeLa cells which usually comprise the fist tumor cell line. The author's major matter is the uncertainty that occurred in the clinical community as a result of lack of authentication of HeLa cells by the researcher. Plus the lack of sincerity within the expert reviews of scientific studies involving HeLa cells. Due to the accessibility of the HeLa cells, numerous strains had been created as a result of lack of enough peer review by experts. The uncertainty that has happened is an excellent example of what can occur due to the failure to follow scientific processes. This article was create very well showing how a main breakthrough with all the development of the HeLa cells spun uncontrollable over time.

One of the main reasons for turmoil regarding the HeLa cells is because of the lack of satisfactory peer assessment. The purpose of peer review is usually to eliminate phony cell lines and confirm work. After they discovered that errors were being made in the authenticity of HeLa cell traces, corrections would have to be initiated. Researchers should have been validating that strains had been in fact in the origin they will claimed to be. By declaring everything that the peer review would have fixed, the author makes it clear essential peer review is. The author mentions that there is a marketing campaign to have false cell lines renamed with their correct make up. This serves to fix the wrong strains which might be out there. With all the advancements in technology, testing can be carried out once traces are created to validate that the components of a strain are indeed what they claim to become. Technology has continued to grow after some time. When the initially strain of HeLa cells was cultured, the technology was short of order to evaluation the correct make up of the tension. To prevent situations like this by reoccurring, we now have the...

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