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Westpac/Nab Evaluation

WBC/NAB Assessment

WBC provides a higher Common ROE of 17. 93% compared to NAB's Average ROE of of sixteen. 03% during the 5 12 months duration period from 2003-2007. This is due to WBC's ROA of 1. 09% being higher than NAB's ROA of just one. 05%. Although profitability of WBC is usually higher than NAB's, NAB's financial leverage was greater than WBC's thus making a higher ROE. NAB also offers a higher Net Income compared to WBC. WBC includes a higher Typical Expense Multiplier of 16. 42 when compared with NAB of 15. thirty-one as WBC has decrease operating expenses and reduce assets when compared with NAB.

NAB contains a marginal higher Average Advantage Utilization of 8. 02% when compared with WBC's of seven. 95% as a result of NAB having greater volume of Net Sales and WBC using a lower volume of Total Assets. GRAB has a higher amount of Averaged Total Assets of $436, 832m compared to WBC of $280, 114m. The low Asset Utilization Ratio to get WBC could possibly be due to reduce yields upon assets, fewer loans, a compact volume of earning assets, or maybe a combination of these kinds of

NAB provides a higher Typical Expense Ratio during the 5 year period period coming from 2003-2007 of 6. 56% compared to WBC of 6. 42%. This is due to NAB compensating its Shared Fund Managers at a higher payoff compared to WBC due to the increasing functionality. NAB's Net Interest Perimeter is higher at 2 . 41% compared to WBC's Net Interest Margin of 2. 19% due to its increasing investment results and lower interest expenses.

NAB has a larger Average Efficiency Ratio of 40. 93% compared to WBC of 19. 11%. SNATCH has a higher average Net gain of $4, 590m when compared with WBC of $2, 812m. The differences in the Efficiency Proportion even thought Net Income is better for GRAB than WBC is due to GRAB having larger Non-Interest Expenditures compared to WBC. This is additional shown by simply NAB having a lower Burden Ratio of 0. 38% compared to WBC of 1. thirty percent indicating that GRAB performed better than WBC in generating non-interest income to cover its noninterest expense. As well NAB includes a higher amount of Common Total Possessions compared to WBC which...