Obesity and Health Care Providers Dissertation

Weight problems and Health Care Providers

5. Weight-loss medications Market prior to Metabical

5. Prevailing Protection Concerns; restricting options to get patients * No prescription-drug option for the overweight portion (BMI 25-30) * A large number of OTC drugs available for sufferers with BMI 30+ which includes FDA-approved ‘Alli' but different negative side effects reported, at the. g., 35 liver harm cases in Alli & Xenical during ‘99-‘08 2. Other alternatives categorized since herbal or dietary supplements weren't regulated by the FDA i actually. e., protection not warranted, e. g., dietary supplement " ephedra” was linked to immediate cardiac loss of life * Deceitful Marketing Claims; hurting industry credibility 2. In 2007, weight-loss drug industry was charged U$25 million by Federal Transact Commission for the unsubstatiated weight-loss claims

2. Differentiation factors of the Metabical

5. First FDA-approved prescription medicine for the overweight portion (BMI 25-30) * Low-dose formulation; merely one pill daily reducing anxiety on heart or hard working liver functions * Dramatic weight-loss effect typical 26 pounds for BODY MASS INDEX 28-30 & 15 pounds for BODY MASS INDEX 25-28 inside 12 several weeks * Significantly less severe gloomy effects associated with excess fat and claories in the diet controllable with behavior modification and more healthy eating habits

* Metabical consumers will probably be highly involved with systematic making decisions process 1 ) Problem (or Need) recognition

5. recognizing their needs to lose weight to look better or perhaps be much healthier 2 . Details search

* From inner search, realizing that it's difficult to reach weight-loss goal independently and even harder to maintain, as a result need a few medical help * Via external search, most probably from commercial resources or physicians, they become aware that the new FDA-approved weight-loss drug called ‘Metabical' offers a lesser amount of safety concern with " a single pill a day” low-dose formulation & a comprehensive support program to get healthy weight repair afterwards 3....