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Personal Learning Management


Personal Learning Managing

Tony Colvin

PRG 211

November twenty, 2013

Invoice Fennel

Personal Learning Management

When building any software the key step of the complete development method should be to produce a sound performing application. The applications framework must be tested and suitable to run the given system. Over challenging programs with un-simplified steps leave room for errors and if the structure basically suited for the procedure you end up with a un useable product. Composing out pseudo code and achieving the information in the right path to accomplish the aim of the process is key. After turning the problem right into a pseudo code for the personal management application, the next step was making the flow chart it Visible Logic. The key goal with the application was to have an explanation of information received and to prioritize these files by financial value. 1st problem is the importance of information may fluctuate with timing and environment. It can do me no real to the earnings to be manufactured in something I realize nothing regarding and Now i'm not involved in. So therefore I decided to give the end user a composition to insight the information they will decide can be valuable. And a number system for putting first the information received which is stored in a chart that allows you review and connect the files and hopefully make money. So initial I established the adjustable as amount. So the user can simply connect the data file with a one particular meaning " High Value”, 2 to get " Significant Value” and 3 intended for " Limited Value”. This kind of simple framework prioritizes the worth and delivers the data file on the correct path. Therefore in the first step I established the input variable to " number”. And judging on the number input by the user the file will abide by a path to the correct file. Next I actually set a great if assertion to set the way to the top quality information, the disorder was in the event input may be the number 1 then a file continue to be the substantial priority file folder. In the event not after that then the record continues within the chart....