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PMB Assignment Brief Sept 16



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Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma Organization

H/601/1036 Product 42 Project Management for people who do buiness

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Christian U

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WC 22/09/2014

03 December 2014

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PMB Project Management for people who do buiness

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Learning outcome

Assessment Criteria

In this assessment you should have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you have the ability to: Task number


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Understand project administration principles

1 . 1

Describe the backdrop and concepts of job managemen


1 . 2

Appraise the viability of projects, developing success/failure conditions 1

1 ) 3

Make clear the principles lurking behind project management system and procedures 1

1 ) 4

Explain the real key elements in involved in terminating projects and conducting content project appraisal 1


Have the ability to manage projects human resources

2 . 1

Identify the best organizational composition, roles and responsibilities of participants


2 . 2

Control and co-ordinate a project


2 . 3

Assess project command requirements and qualities


2 . 5

Prepare and stipulate human resources and requirements to get a project a couple of


Have the ability to apply job processes and procedures

a few. 1

Make project program and establish the project organization


3. a couple of

Apply project scheduling, estimating and expense control methods


a few. 3

Analyze the methods utilized to measure project performance


3. four

Eexplain job change control procedures, assess the completed project


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Project administration in business is definitely the application of understanding, skills and techniques to execute projects properly and effectively enabling those to tie project results to organization goals. Task management concentrates on five crucial process; initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling and closing in consideration of costs, scope, quality, period, human resources requirements, communication, risk management and stakeholders objectives. This unit will certainly sharpen learners understanding of the essential skills and tools needed to manage a project within an business. Scenario: Unit business network Ltd (adapted)

Model business networks Limited is a London based organisation working with Redbridge borough to generate and deliver a new general public library intended for the need of the city. The new community library is supposed to provide a new state-of the art facilities in line with changing technology. The contract for home of the collection complex was won after having a competitive wager by many business organisations at the cost of ВЈ8. 5m. The project contract which Unit business systems signed together with the borough stipulates the an occasion frame of 2 years below which the task will be completed. This time frame takes in to accounts exterior and environmental influences and also other projects requirements in determining completion deadline. The management of Model networks is currently undertaking a great IT task in Stansted and hence is definitely considering both to outsource the project to another organization or to create a new project team for the new selection project. Yet , the last board meeting the management chose to directly carry out the job and equiped Mr Bells as the brand new project manager who will in that case prepare the project program and appoint other project support crew roles. The program will depth the levels of the project and all requirements for each period. See the task management composition below: -

The project plan would details the job teams and their roles, the scope of the project, the price and time criteria, the product breakdown structure (PBS) and the work breakdown structure...