Fighting for a Cause Dissertation

Fighting for the Cause

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Motivations for Preventing in The Fantastic Angels

Struggling with for a Cause

Man. The killer angel. [1] Considering that the dawn of civilization humankind has fought to protect what they hold special. Whether that be flexibility, religion or perhaps land, the entire body politic has become at war, even into their own borders. Civil War is defined as a war between regions of a similar country.[2] Through the course of the four . 5 year Municipal War, many battles had been fought, although none quite as pivotal as the Battle of Gettysburg. Got Lee obliged Longstreet in the persistence of your defensive technique, the Confederate Army well could have gained the conflict. Instead, the Union prevailed in possessing their surface atop a hillside and thus defeating the Confederate Armed service and in the end winning the war. One particular contemplates the motivations of both the Confederates and the Union soldiers in the United States Civil War. Was that money? Electrical power? Dominance? Michael Shaara, creator of The Fantastic Angels implies alternative purposes. In his novel about the pivotal fight, he suggests that even though it was commonly perceived that military were preventing solely pertaining to (Confederate) or perhaps against (Union) slavery, the soldier's also fought pertaining to honor and social position. The polarization of standards of living between the remarkably industrialized downtown cities with the North, and the religious plantations of the Southern region had successfully pulled an excellent country in shambles by simply pitting friends and family members against one other. If it are not for the memories of loved-ones as well as the friendships with their fellow soldiers they would not have survived other than by putting one ft . in front of the additional day after day.

Captivity. The greatest belief of the Detrimental War is the fact it was structured wholly around the issue of slavery. Shaara uses the Confederate perspective to make this clear which the issue was not slavery exclusively. In a dialogue between two Confederate military, Kemper and Pickett, that they discuss how the general human population believes that slavery may be the issue. There is a saying:

'... the majority of Englishman figured the battle was all about, ah, captivity,

and then aged Kemper received a bit furious and had to clarify to

him how incorrect he was, and Sorrel and several others joined in,

but no harm done. '

'Damn fool, 'Kemper explained. 'He still thinks it's about slavery'...[3] Shaara also uses a dialogue of Union soldiers with rebel criminals to illustrate what the Confederacy was fighting for. A rebel hostage, when asked by a Union soldier for what reason they were struggling with in the war he replied "... they was fightin' for their 'rats'...[they] kept on inistin' they had not been fightin' pertaining to no slaves, they were fightin' for their 'rats'”.[4] Although Shaara was unclear as to which will rights these people were referring to, it may logically be deducted the fact that Confederate gift was mentioning state legal rights, as that was a significant issue surrounding the secession of the the southern part of states. The Union perspective remained organization in the idea that the Southerners were preventing strictly based on their directly to own slaves as displayed in a conversation between Chamberlain and his sibling Tom, when Tom says:

'If it weren't intended for the slaves, there'd not have been simply no war,

now would right now there? '

'No, ' Chamberlain said.

'Well then, I don't treatment how much political fast-talking you

hear, gowns what really all about and that is what these people fellers

dead for, and I tell you, Lawrence [Chamberlain], I no longer

understand it at all. '[5]

The opposition viewpoints divided the nation in two, wrecked havoc on many people, not just from the soldiers, nevertheless of all occupants.

Besides struggling with for captivity, honor, as is common in soldiers, was obviously a main driving force in the two armies. Gift was synonymous with exclusive chance, and should you loose your honor, you're not a good enthusiast, let alone a good man. Honor, prestige and glory had been cornerstones to the morale of every army. At one justification in The Fantastic Angels a male, Garnett, was seriously...

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