Audit: Relevant Information on Apollo Shoe Essay

Audit: Relevant Information on Apollo Shoe

Relevant Information-Apollo Shoe


Details Relevant to 2011 Audit Taxation Action Advised Pressure in order to meet sales objectives GA 3-1 Increase techniques related to living of revenue and valuation of receivables, as well as cut-off Purchase of products GA 3-1 Verify through invoices and becoming reports in the event that equipment bought during the year Validate terms of refinancing intended for accuracy and also interest payments. Line of credit refinanced GA 3-1 Do they pay out note in Jan. 1, 2012 or refinance even more? May need to disclose as following event if refinanced once again, or consider impact on going concern in the event that note had not been paid while required Assertion of payouts for the previous year GA 3-1Verify that just approved dividends were paid out (i. at the. no dividend payments made) Salary enhance and stipends approved and seconded by simply non-independent board members GA 3-1Verify the charter by-laws, appears to conflict with client positions Commercial period expense elevated 10% coming from previous 12 months GA 3-1Verify through invoices and payments Damages reported GA 3-2 Verify value of damages, as well as look for disclosure if perhaps economic reduction How does this impact going concern? Prices increased to compensate decreased revenue GA 3-2 What is the effect on product sales since the cost increase? GA 3-a

R& D expense removed for year GA 3-2 Verify that R& M decreased consequently Lab customized to house gym GA 3-2 Verify the costs of modification through bills, as well as verify how it absolutely was recorded-expensed or capitalized Researchers reassigned to maintenance GA 3-2 Had been the wages adjusted to reflect the change in job? Postage and telephone bills reduced during year GA 3-2 Verify that there is a reduction in nearly all and telephone expense AREAL write-off for starters account ($8, 810. 13) GA 3-2 Low number of write-off for company of the size, and undue pressure to avoid write-offs Increase testing related to value of FLADEM?L

Mortgage to Mister. Lancaster's personal secretary to get 1M GA 3-2...