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ThisВ chapterВ isВ Jeannette'sВ wayВ ofВ immediatelyВ differentiatingВ herВ lifeВ fromВ herВ parent'sВ livesВ andВ howВ theirВ eccentric, В oddВ waysВ areВ soВ differentВ fromВ herВ normalВ life. В However, В sheВ givesВ theВ readerВ theВ feelingВ thatВ maybeВ theyВ areВ notВ soВ eccentricВ thatВ theyВ cannotВ beВ loved. В SheВ isВ settingВ usВ upВ forВ theВ lifeВ sheВ ledВ beingВ raisedВ byВ RoseВ MaryВ andВ RexВ Walls. В В В



ThereВ areВ numerousВ examplesВ inВ thisВ sectionВ aboutВ howВ RoseВ MaryВ andВ RexВ raiseВ theirВ childrenВ andВ howВ luckyВ theВ kidsВ areВ thatВ oneВ ofВ themВ didn'tВ dieВ fromВ neglect. В ThereВ isВ alsoВ aВ greatВ dealВ ofВ foreshadowingВ ofВ Dad'sВ badВ temperВ andВ alcoholism, В becauseВ ofВ theВ familiarВ smellsВ onВ hisВ shirtВ andВ howВ heВ nearlyВ punchesВ theВ doctorВ aboutВ bandagingВ Jeannette'sВ burns. В RexВ WallsВ givesВ theВ impressionВ thatВ heВ hasВ noВ patienceВ withВ anyoneВ whoВ doesn'tВ viewВ theВ worldВ theВ wayВ heВ does. В SuchВ anВ attitudeВ canВ beВ dangerous. В В



ThisВ shortВ sectionВ emphasizesВ theВ eccentricВ wayВ theВ WallsВ parentsВ raiseВ theirВ children. В TheyВ wantВ toВ teachВ JeannetteВ notВ toВ beВ afraidВ ofВ fire, В butВ theyВ doВ itВ inВ suchВ aВ wayВ thatВ theyВ setВ herВ onВ aВ pathВ ofВ possibleВ pyromania! В Jeannette'sВ fascinationВ withВ fireВ isВ unusual, В toВ sayВ theВ least. В TheВ storyВ ofВ Tinkerbelle'sВ meltingВ faceВ isВ aВ perfectВ parallelВ toВ JeannetteВ herself. В SheВ hasВ facedВ realВ fireВ andВ hasВ lostВ partsВ ofВ herВ skin. В ThatВ doesn'tВ evenВ beginВ toВ describeВ theВ partsВ ofВ herВ emotionalВ selfВ sheВ mayВ haveВ lost. В В



ThisВ smallВ sectionВ showsВ twoВ sidesВ toВ RexВ Walls: В oneВ isВ hisВ fearВ ofВ billВ collectorsВ whichВ putsВ theВ wholeВ familyВ onВ theВ road, В livingВ inВ uncomfortableВ circumstances, В andВ heВ isВ aВ manВ whoВ wouldВ unceremoniouslyВ throwВ anВ animalВ outВ ofВ aВ movingВ carНѕВ theВ otherВ isВ theВ fatherВ whoВ tellsВ themВ storiesВ andВ makesВ sleepingВ inВ theВ desertВ underВ theВ starsВ anВ adventure. В Lori, В beingВ older, В knowsВ thatВ theВ adventurousВ sideВ isВ wearingВ thin. В



This section talks about to the reader that, inspite of their flaws, Rex and Rose Jane love youngsters, and even though their particular lives are eccentric, they really don't fail these people completely. They will live in imagination world where Mom might survive in the wilderness and Daddy is a great hero. Unfortunately, they will carry youngsters along with them with this strange life which gives with it baggage the kids will hold with these people the rest with their lives.



In exploring her father and her mom's background with each other, Jeannette discloses for us a primary reason why Rex Walls may well have become the unusual individual having been: the death of his little girl, Martha Charlene. This might also have been a reason for what reason her mother was thus blasГ© regarding raising children. Perhaps your woman was also hurt by the loss of this kind of child allowing herself to cling a lot of to any of the other three. Or even she was just as well self-absorbed.



The storyline of Jeannette's fall from your car is actually a metaphor of her parents' benign misuse of their kids, while at the same time, it can an affirmation of their love for them. Worried parents may have counted a nous, would have understood something was wrong when the door of the car flew open, and would have looked in the back seat when Brian was crying too hard to talk. However , it took them just a little too much time to realize Jeannette was eliminated. On the other side with the analysis with their behavior, the actual fact that they eventually sped back to find her, the way Father reassures Jeannette that they would never have left her behind, and the way each of them laugh together over Father's silly information of a nose area reaffirms that in spite of their very own inability to provide their children with more stability, they love them very much.



The idea that Jeannette has to be on her behalf toes, since fire is otherwise engaged to receive her...